Bruder Klaus Field Chapel
Germany | Wachendorf

"It was on a cold, rainy Sunday morning in the beginning of Autumn when we visited the Bruder Klaus Field Chapel. The building is located in the Eifel region, which is a low mountain range in western Germany. After we parked the car, the chapel rose out of the hilly, forested landscape. The sculptural building was visible from far away and a path led us through the environment. This path was not directly leading us towards the building and therefore it forced us to observe the building from different point of views. The thirty minute walk from the car parking towards the building provides a long durational experience with the natural environment. During this walk our shoes became one with the environmental elements and my body temperature lowered due to the cold wind. We longed for shelter and approached the narrow gravel path which led us to the chapel’s massive, triangular, steel door.

After opening the heavy weighted door with the use of the cold, metal, spherical handle we stepped into a space which let me think of a “cave”. This mental image was evoked by the narrow entrance region and the texture of the surrounding walls. If you moved on into the chapel the space was overwhelmed by sensory perceptions. The first impression of the room was created by the entering light through the tear-shaped oculus, which is open to the sky. Within a few seconds the sound of falling raindrops into the water created a rhythm within the space. And there was the smell of outgoing candles which let you remember of the Sunday morning church service."

Sunday 16 November 2014, Wachendorf