Hello, my name is Wouter Habets (MSc.) and I am an Architect at BiermanHenket in Esch. I graduated (August 2015) in the field of Architecture at the University of Technology located in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). For my graduation project I designed a research institute in Stockholm, based on theory of the place identity. The project focuses on the relation between architecture and the identification of a place. Alongside, I have other interests, like photography, playing music, and cycling in the hills of Limburg.

During my childhood, I was already interested in architecture, because I made many designs of buildings using the nostalgic blocks of Lego. Currently, I developed into a junior architect summarized as follows: analytical thinking and design; observing the power of place identity characterized by cultural elements, natural elements and contextual factors; and interest in the experience of space by humans. These characteristics are the basis for my projects and can be described as a layered architecture that creates a relationship with the place. Curiosity, enthusiasm, and initiative are my tools to be unique in contemporary architecture. So, if you are interested in my work of the past years, just check my portfolio.

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